The Global Nexus Secretariat

The Nexus Secretariat accelerate global Nexus learning

The Global Nexus Secretariat (GNS) is the backbone of the Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme. It supports the implementation of regional dialogue, serves as a knowledge broker and facilitates network operation. It also provides administrative and organisational advice to the programme’s Executive Committee.

The overall objective of the Global Nexus Secretariat is to improve global knowledge management and stimulate mutual learning across regions engaging in regional dialogue. To achieve this, it comments on relevant documents such as terms of reference, studies and reports from regional dialogue. The secretariat also ensures coherence and develops recommendations across different activities. The Secretariat supports the design of Nexus-oriented investment programmes that are to be implemented in phase II of the Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme.

The GNS acts as the main interface with the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee itself consists of representatives of the funding institutions as well as regional partner organisations and implementing institutions.