Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme

Nexus knowledge for Nexus investments

The overall objective of the Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme is to sustainably strengthen the political processes needed at the regional and national levels to meet the increasing demand for water, energy and food. This is achieved by developing inter-sectoral approaches that examine the links between the three sectors and analyse the trade-offs and synergies between different policy options.

The Nexus approach is a fundamental shift, from a sectoral approach to solutions that embrace a cross-sectoral, coherent and integrated perspective. It challenges existing structures, policies and procedures at the global, regional and (sub-) national levels.

The Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme supports regional stakeholders in developing concrete policy recommendations and action plans for future investments, with specific emphasis on multi-sector infrastructure and corresponding capacity development activities.

The Nexus Dialogue Programme is built on four pillars:

  • Knowledge exchange between Nexus Regional Dialogue activities
  • Nexus Resource Platform
  • Country studies and pilot projects
  • Human capacity development measures

The regional implementation structures include representatives of the respective regional entities charged with implementation, EU delegations, EU member states, international NGOs, civil society organisations, private sector and academic institutions, and others. 

The first phase of the Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme will run from January 2016 until the end of 2018. It will lay the groundwork for a second phase, beginning in 2019. The second phase will focus on implementation of a multi-functional infrastructure programme.